With your capo held at first fret position, turn the eye screw until the top of the eye just contacts with the end of the bar. Pull the eye screw over the bar.


If your string action is high you may need a few more turns of the eye screw


  • To play with open strings, slide the capo over nut.
  • Slide the capo to desired fret position.
  • Leave the capo at first fret when not playing.
  • During restringing slide the capo to convenient position to hold strings.
  • To change keys, simply slide the capo into position
  • When the guitar is stored, we recommend leaving the capo at first fret position
  • During restringing, the capo will conveniently hold loose strings in position.

Capo as "zero" fret: detune strings by 1/2 tone for open strings with capo at first fret.

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